2019 BSCAI Industry Financial Benchmarking Report

The BSCAI Financial Benchmarking Survey is a profitability study of BSCAI members designed to obtain, understand and analyze “best practices” for BSCAI companies. More importantly, the BSCAI Financial Benchmarking Report is designed to help BSCAI members improve their financial performance.

In 2019, 25 BSCAI members provided income statement and operating data for this benchmarking study. Results of that survey are profiled in this report. The tables and graphs contained in this report are designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward guidelines for analyzing profitability among BSCAI members. This management tool is designed to provide the resources that enable BSCAI members to evaluate, plan, and better manage their businesses.

Report Format
The report is organized into a number of sections, each designed to assist management in a specific area of inquiry:

  • Executive Summary— The summary provides an overview of the study results, with emphasis on the differences between the typical firm, high profit firm and sales size of firm.
  • Sales Volume Analysis — In-depth reporting of return on investment, income statement, balance sheet, financial ratios and productivity ratios is provided in this section of the report. Management commentary and graphical support are provided to focus on the importance of these operating statistics. This section provides results by sales volume category.
  • Market Size Analysis—This section of the report reviews performance by market size of company. Metropolitan Statistical Areas are geographic entities defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget for use by Federal statistical agencies in collecting, tabulating, and publishing Federal statistics.
  • Analysis of Variance—Analysis of Variance provides the range of common experience. The range of common experience is the 50Percentage range between the Lower (1st) and Upper (3rd) quartile results, for each of the ratios and measures.
  • Appendix— Finally, the appendix provides an overview of the survey methodology, detailed information on the calculation of the financial ratios used in the report.

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